The principal idea of the project was to do an investigation based on my informative legacy about dance, created from my biographical data and historical context, with the intention of generating a specific formative content.

The reasons behind the transcultural term, come first from a technical, cultural and stylistic hybridisation that is contained in my body, caused by the assimilation of concepts and knowledge throughout my professional career as a dancer and teacher.

My interpretation of the term is based in extract the maximum potential of my transcultural body knowledge, (Spanish dance and Contemporary) and to be able to transform it in specific dance information. As we all know, academic Spanish dance and contemporary dance come from two very different contexts. On one hand we have the influence of folklore, African dance, and Moorish dance. On the other hand, we have the rupture with academic dance and new ways to express the body. With this different information I will try to create a path work with the intention of contributing a series of contents that can lead to the achievement of orientation, extraction, experimentation, revision and re- interpretation of the information that the student may possess, looking for the best way to develop a learning process.

This method is directed towards students of dance universities, professional dance programmes by private institutions, or conservatories with different certifications.

I do not make distinctions between different dance disciplines, because the big challenge of the system is that it my work for all types of dancers, whatever their background may be. This kind of work proposes a specific consideration of our corporal knowledge.

I will take the “taught body” 2 as inspiration and starting point, to understand the dancers information, dealing with their “own transcultural body” and my transcultural body, with this revision of our knowledge and the adaptation of the information coming from “my transcultural body”, I will intend to increase our range of understanding of our body and thoughts and at the same can contribute to clarify our aims.

We think of the body as something mechanic, adaptable, and shapeable. A body which is able to take in, adapt, and transform all kinds of information. Technical legacy, values, and beliefs are there to be used. They are our starting point to the path of personal progress.